SEMrushR - R Interface To Access the SEMrush API

Rémi Bacha


1. Introduction

The package SEMrushR provides methods for querying SEO and SEM data from SEMrush using its API. SEMrush API uses a basic authentication with an API key.

2. Installation

See INSTALL for installation instructions and platform specific details.

3. Functions


This function provides a summary of a keyword, including its volume, CPC, competition, and the number of results in all regional databases.

keyword_overview_all(“tyler the creator”,“fr”,“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”)


This function provides a list of phrase matches and alternate search queries, including particular keywords or keyword expressions.provides an extended list of related keywords, synonyms, and variations relevant to a queried term in a chosen database.

phrase_match_keywords(“kanye west”,“fr”,10,“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”)


This function lists domains that are ranking in Google top 20 organic search results with a requested keyword.

organic_results(“travis scott”,“fr”,100,“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”)


This function provides a list of both phrase matches and related keywords to a queried term in a chosen database.

semrush_keywords(“asap rocky”,“fr”,20,“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”)