NOAA storms

Scott Chamberlain


Get NOAA wind storm tabular data, metadata, or shp files from International Best Track Archive for Climate Stewardship (IBTrACS).

Find out more about NOAA storms data at

Load rnoaa


Search for nx3tvs data from 5 May 2006 to 6 May 2006

swdi(dataset='nx3tvs', startdate='20060505', enddate='20060506')

Use an id

out <- swdi(dataset='warn', startdate='20060506', enddate='20060507', id=533623)
list(out$meta, head(out$data), head(out$shape))

Get all ‘plsr’ within the bounding box (-91,30,-90,31)

swdi(dataset='plsr', startdate='20060505', enddate='20060510', bbox=c(-91,30,-90,31))

Get all ‘nx3tvs’ within the tile -102.1/32.6 (-102.15,32.55,-102.25,32.65)

swdi(dataset='nx3tvs', startdate='20060506', enddate='20060507', tile=c(-102.12,32.62))



Get daily count nx3tvs features on .1 degree grid centered at latitude = 32.7 and longitude = -102.0

swdi(dataset='nx3tvs', startdate='20060505', enddate='20090516', stat='tilesum:-102.0,32.7')

Get data in different formats

CSV format

SHP format

KMZ format